Problem with Ctrl+Mouse Wheel zooming in Dorico 4

Congrats on a fantastic update!

When working on large orchestra/band scores, I zoom in and out frequently using Ctrl+Mouse wheel (on Windows).

In Dorico 4, I’m noticing that when I zoom with Ctrl+Mouse Wheel, I find the score also scrolls significantly left or right in addition to zooming in and out. The spot I was looking at eventually leaves the view entirely and I lose my place in the score. If I have an object selected, and I zoom out, eventually it leaves the view as well. It’s almost as if I am simultaneously getting the horizontal scrolling behavior of Shift+Mouse Wheel. This is most noticeable when zooming in or out from the middle of the score.

I never had an issue in Dorico 3.5 or prior and I don’t think my own behavior has changed in the past week. Could this be a bug with Dorico 4?

Welcome to the forum! This is a bug that’s being worked on. See this recent topic.

Thanks - somehow I managed to miss that post! This one can be deleted.

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Sorry for the inconvenience, Alex. The good news is that we have already fixed this bug internally and it will certainly be fixed in the first maintenance update, coming soon.

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