Problem with Cubase 11 Pro AXR4U Yamaha Montage 6 black

Hello i have many problems with Steinberg - Yamaha Products - i very like Yamaha - Steinberg solution… My Cubase Pro 11 doesnt record in stable quality - there is harsh frequencies randomize - and i have many problems with midi - when i use my Yamaha Montage 6 black bought in - czech republic 2016 - first owner -when i use multichannel recording template Yamaha Montage - adn use Chord track - on Midi channel 1 - 16 use input mode - scales - chord and scales etc - there is many problem with midi - and Yamaha Montage doesnt play notes stable - when i use external clocking - via Yamaha Montage - doesnt play stable in Multi mode and of coarse my WaveLab Pro 10 - doesnt have adequate quality - and batch processing doestn function - when i use Metaloudness and match specific loudness -23 Lufs all come out in -60 lufs - i want to use batch processing because exporting files on parts by cycle markers - multitrack for making libraries - and of coarse Yamaha Montage have harsh frequencies - i have many other problems with Yamaha - Steinberg products - i dont know what to do – something is wrong…


Could you describe the problems, please? You are just writing, there are problems, but nothing specific.

For example with MIDI, do you have timing issues or missing notes or hanging notes…?