Problem with Cubase 12 Pro activation - soft eLicenser failure

Dear Community,

Hello and SOS! I hope someone had the same problem like me and can help!
Couple of weeks ago wrote to Yamaha / Steinberg Customer Service but still did not get any real answer so far. And now I am about to loose my access to the program on my Windows 10 machine.

On Nov 18th I received a message prompting me to verify my license for Cubase Pro 12 which I had originally purchased on 10/05/2022. This was an upgrade from my licensed CB Pro 11. Moreover, later I upgraded the initial version of CB Pro 12 to the version 12.0.70. The upgrade seemed to go fine and the information in the Activation Manager was reflecting that my CB Pro 12 is activated and most up-to-date.

Needless to say, email from Nov 18th made me puzzled… Anyway, I followed the prompt from the email and all the procedures to verify my license again.

However, eLicense Control Center app would not complete verification stating that there is no upgradable license found in my USB license key. Also, License has entirely disappeared from my local Soft-eLicenser.

Actually, several months ago I noticed that I no longer can see a check mark in the green field against CB Pro 12 in the Steinberg Download Assistant. I have tried to enter my download access code to verify installation, also to re-install the program but nothing helped. Moreover, when performing program re-install, I have encountered an error saying that Generic Lower Latency ASIO driver is missing and re-install can not be performed.

Over the weekend I spent numerous hours trying to resolve these issues on my own. I have also re-installed Activation Manager, Download Manager, eLicenser Control to the latest versions (including maintenance, cleanup, eDB) . Nothing helped. My Products page still shows that may CB Pro 12 upgrade is still not activated and Soft-eLicenser is saying that there is no upgradable license found on it. As I mentioned, it was active on the same machine previously. Moreover, my USB-eLicenser is no longer showing that upgrade.
No matter what I did so far (even trying to re-active the software via My Products procedure) nothing helps.

So, if someone could help me to sort this mystery I would deeply appreciate it! Or my CB 12 will stop working on Dec 2nd…

Thank you,

Gene Varva\EZsputnik


Cubase 12 is not using eLCC at all. Cubase Pro was never using Soft-eLicenser. Cubase Pro 11 was using the USB-eLicenser. Since Cubase 12, the Steinberg Activation Manager is in use.

So, the question is, how does it look like in the Steinberg Activation Manager on your side, please?

Hi Martin! Thank you for your question!

The Activation Manager says that “Activation Pending” and it expires on December 2nd.

Yes, I know that Cubase 12 is not using eLCC. Initially, I purchased CB 11 and then upgraded it to 12.

I have followed the procedures as described here:

However, Download Assistant does not complete the license upgrade. Moreover, when eLicenser control center opens, it does not find upgradable license. Also, it prompts me to insert USB dongle, which afterwards also does not do any good to complete the verification…