Problem with Cubase 5 entry

Hello!Could you help me please?I have a problem with Cubase 5 and I can’t find a solution.When recording a track, one per part, I record (for example, vocals or guitar) 4 bars, stop recording, listen to what I recorded and want to continue the verse, put the cursor at the beginning of 3 bars, click record and write on top of the continuation. 3 and 4 bars skip, listening to them in headphones and enter only from the 5th bar, while the program does not overwrite anything and new pieces are simply recorded on top while playing everything under them. But the most important thing is that I do not have to create new tracks for one game, and all the excess is easily overwritten at the end.Recently, Cubase started recording everything on one track, then when recording it does not play back what I write on top of it. I do not know what this is related to,maybe someone will help.Thank you in advance, and sorry for my English. :exclamation: