Problem with Cubase 6.5 Artist

Hello, I own this version of Cubase but I have an issue and I havent been able to solve it.

Basically it suddenly happened that when I edit a midi bar, others get moved, for example O move it 1 square forward, then others get moved too!.

I checked all what was activate at simply sight, and I found nothing. Also, at the transposition, the recognition of the scale is not activate.

I am sure I pressed a shortcut but not sure which one. Also, I dont even know how to search for this in the manual, and reading everything again is too much for me (so little time), therefore I would appreciate your help.

If you understand my explanation, I will upload images as soon I arrived to my home.

Thanks in advance!!

Solved I spend a lot searching and it was a wrong setup, I solved after experimenting a lot. Thanks anyway.