I recently updated from cubase 5 studio to cubase 6,
I get a serious error “microsoft visual c++ runtime library error”
and the program crashes

I 've read in the forum about similar situations in cubase4… i’ve tried some things but no result
Is this a problem of cubase 6?
any help about what cause it will be appreciated

First check and make sure your Windows is fully patched and up to date.

allready done that man …everything is up to date
i also tried to clean up registry with tools …nothing

Can you be more specific about when & how it crashes.

Watch carefully the initialising text on the splash screen when starting.

Might be worth taking a look at my response here?

I have the same problem with 32 bit cubase. It can be reproduced every time with or without plugins. As far as I know, it’s somehow memory-related. When I press play and start listening, at some point it simply crashes. Task manager shows Cubase reserving 2GB+ memory. I don’t really understand how Cubase uses or handles memory, is everything from the audio tracks read to RAM?

I’m using W7 64bit, 6GB RAM, intel i7. 64 bit Cubase seems to work fine.

Thank you for your answers guys
but we are running out of options here…

I had installed Cubase Studio 5 on Windows Ultimate x86
everything worked just perfect …
I updated to Cubase 6 in the same system and the ‘visual c++ library error’ appears .

My friend Grim, i cannot be more specific cause it doesn’t have any specific time that crashes,
i can’t related to anything , sometimes it crash when you try to audiomix down or in any time you edit the track.
The error, as i said, is “microsoft visual c++ runtime library error”
and the only info is the path of the programm… Local Disk/Program Files/Steinberg/Cubase 6.exe

I found through the search of google that visual c++ errors are related to registry corruption,
and as our friend LeeSteel told , I had to be sure that our system in fully patched and up to date…
So … I formated it and we had installed Windows Proffesional 7 + SP1 !
The system now its fucking clear and FULL updated …
no vst or effect plugin installed… but the error keeps coming !!!

I want an official answer here about what can cause this Error
I have payed for Cubase 6 and i want it to work with no problems!

We finaly got to windows 7 64bit
cubase 6 x64 works , but we cannot open the older projects that were made in cubase 5 32bit…

We have major problems with Cubase6 …
no official answer , not even an email technical support for our country
only this forum … thank you Steinberg… you suck bigtime

Well, we are switching back to windows 7 x32 and cubase 5 version
we paied for a product and we have to wait for an update to use it…
what a tragedy …


Got the same problem on a heavy C5 project opened in C6 32bit, memory usage was at 1.5-2 GB and opening HALion Sonic SE and loading a heavy instrument usually gave me the error message referred to in OP.

Switched to C6 x64, not a problem since.

Do you mean you can’t open ANY old C5 32 bit project or just a specific one?


Five finished projects we got at Cubase 5 in 32 bit OS
well I thought it was the vsts conflict … cause the projects had x32 version
and then I had installed some of them x64 versions
I unistalled the plugins but nothing,
No project of the 5 finished in cubase 5 X32 open in cubase 6 x64…

Even if i manage to open the tracks … I have major problems in x64 system
I cant make a lot of vsts to work …
I have decide to rollback to cubase 5.5 to x32 OS, till an update comes for 6
I WANT CUBASE 6 RUN SMOOTH AT 32bit version !!

Is this so difficult ?

Cubase 6 32 bit is working well for myself & many others (bugs aside). (In my case on W7x64…no SP though as this is very new I haven’t risked it causing problems.

If you got exactly the same error on WInXp & on W7 which others have working fine, then it sounds like it could be an issue with some hardware or a driver on your system.
Have you looked in the Cubase crashlog to see if it tells you anything more?

The problem is that if you don’t know what is causing the crash then you can’t expect that an update will fix it…if other people aren’t reporting the same problem it is very unlikely.

You got a point there Grim …
You have installed Cubase 6 x32 in windows 7 x64?
I haven’t tried that , I installed x32 version in x32 OS
and x64 in x64 OS … I have to try that cause in x64 system the ram works better
Maybe it has something to do with that … Thanx man

Hi there

I am experiencing a similar Runtime problem - runtime error 6025.

Here’s my full post:

If you have any suggestions for me I’d appreciate it. I can’t open Cubase so don’t even have access to a crash log…

UPDATE: Ok so this is pretty much fixed… there is some sort of conflict with my Zoom H4 audio interface that gives the runtime error.

If I only initialise the Zoom H4 after opening Cubase 6 I seem ok.

Perhaps it’s something to do with other settings on my machine. Anyway, all good for now, and the software seems fine in XP, although I haven’t spent a great deal of time on it yet.

Same problem here…Runtime Error and Cubase crash.I´m on Windows 7 SP1-32.
Sometimes just simply playing a single audio file.
Other while using Virus TI.

Any ideas?