Problem with Cubase 8 launch

Good day to everyone! i’ve got a problem with Cubase 8 launch: it starts to scan all the system disk searching for VST plugins. So, this process is endless, and i can’t open Cubase itself in this case (it lasts for hours). i tried to re-install it but it didn’t help. :confused: :cry: :cry: Did anyone have such issue? Probably someone can give me advise! PLS HELP! Thanks in advance!

Hi YanaM,

I am experiencing a similar problem with Cubase 8.5 Pro.

When the DAW begins to load, it sometimes freezes on the load screen. It then have to use Task Manager to end the task. If I try to launch the software again, no load screen appears and nothing happens, but the application instance appears in the Task Manager with 0% CPU usage with about 1-2MB of RAM usage.

If the DAW does not freeze, the DAW’s menu bar appears on the very top of my screen while the main software window loads restored down. The menu bar that first appears allows for the menu options to be accessed but it cannot be minimized, maximized nor restored down. It’s as if the DAW fixes it to the top of the screen. I have no idea if this is normal or not.

Anyway, the software freezes when trying to load anything and becomes unresponsive until I use Task Manager to end the task.

I have reached out to Cubase support and I am expecting a response this week. For such a good and expensive software to be unstable on a “compatible system” (Windows 10) it sure has a lot of problems.