Problem with Cubase 8 reactivation

My macbook with Cubase 8 and eLicenser were stolen.
I got new mac and eLicenser and installed Cubase. I also installed eLicenser Control Center.
What’s the process to activate my Cubase on my laptop?
I already tried to use the REACTIVATE button but every time I push it it says: There is no eLicenser to reactivate.
I already registered my new eLicenser online but it keeps saying that.
Thank you.


If you own Cubase LE/AI/Elements, then the way is to reactivate. Make sure, you can see a Soft-eLicenser Number in the eLCC application.

If you own Cubase Artist/Pro, you cannot reactivate. Then it depends, if your USB-eLicenser was stollen too or not. If not, just plug it in. If yes, there is a process.