Problem with Cubase download and Activation on new machine

Hi there,
So to cut a long story short my old hard drive got corrupted (irretrievable) so I have to migrate my
whole system to a new one … Ive been a cubase user for a decade now and always purchase the new
updates so was currently on version 12 … now the problem Im have is that I downloaded steinberg
download assistant package which installed the eLicenser control, Activation Manager, Steinberg download assistant and steinberg library manager… first thing I did was check the licenses on the old dongle which are all there and look fine but when clicked the maintenance option the software ends up hanging until force close via end task, I also get this same behavior inside the activation manager where its states cubase 12 is not activated and I press the big red activate button which doesn’t do anything the program just kinda hangs and it won’t close until I force it to via end task,
also if I try to download either cubase 11 or 12 with the download assistant I get weird error which states the following:
Error in java .security.AccessController.doPrivileged(Native Method) Cannot run program “cmd” (in directory “C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Install Assistant”): CreateProcess error=267, The directory name is invalid

I also seen that theres a reset button for licenses on my steinberberg profile page which I also used
to reset the cubase 12 licence but the activation manager still hangs when I try to activate cubase 12
on my new computer … I see that theres an option to under the eLicenser section of my steinberg profile on the website to delete the original registration for cubase 11 but also has a warning underneath stating that this will blocks full access to an available VST Transit account.

I opened a ticket to support saturday night but have not received a reply yet so I was wondering if anybody has had a similar issue ? or if anyone know a potential solution to my problem ?

any and all help will be much appreciated as I am in the middle of several projects which have a deadline so I am starting to worry …
OS - Windows
Cubase 11 - cannot download or install
Cubase 12 - cannot download, install or activate
eLicenser - hangs when performing maintenance task