problem with cubase...please help

I have a problem with the window of the key editor.
i have cubase 6.0.4 (windows 7)
When i opening the key editor, i dont see the toolbar of the key editor and i can’t to move the key editor
(look to the picture)
i can’t to move the key editor with the normal way…
how can i move the key editor (what the keyboard key or key commander to move the key editor?)?

it’s happening in key editor only !
please help me… i need a solution…
thanks. :confused:

I remember someone reporting a problem just like this a couple of months ago. Try searching for a related problem. I will see if I can scrounge it up too.


You just dragged your key editor a little out of range. Is not a problem becourse you should have “Windows” scroll bars at the right side of your screen.

In the project window and most other editors you can choose what you want to see in the main window by pressing SHIFT+F2



He doesn’t have the scrollbars though, the ones you see in the screenshot are for scrolling up and down the piano roll, not the entire window.

He doesn’t show them in this pic but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have them…they should be off the far right of this screenshot.

Oh you’re right, sorry. I thought he had always on top enabled.

Dbl-Click on the Window top bar (level with the size etc. buttons) and see if the controls or Window edges appear.
To get the toolbar click on the box to the left of the “solo editor” button to gain options to displpay toolbars etc.