Problem with Cubase Pro 11 and Avid Control app

the issue is known (among lots of others concerning Cubase and Eucon - shame on Steinberg for this) since 2017 at least and it persists in Cubase 11: Eucon produces an error message “Number of allowed hardware channels exeeded…” and crashes Cubase and Eucon when using the “Tracks” page on the avid controll app. This only happens with Steinberg applications and has nothing to do with any known limitation of track numbers. Anyone else experiencing this? (It is reported in the avid forum as well) Anyone with a solution?
When will Steinberg deliver as promised a fully working Eucon Support? … it may be the case that this requires a real debugging and cooperation with Avid to solve some of the issues - but well, it was you who established the promise (EUCON support as a Steinberg sales argument). So come on and deliver!

this is planned for the first bugfix release
as already confirmed more than once

Hi you, could you give me an indication where I can find the promise you refer to?
Is there a clear statement about what they will fix?

Thx, Ernst