Problem with Cubase track preset

I’m new to recording but trying to get some of my songs recorded to create a demo type thing.
I have cubase le 8 with focusrite scarlet 2i2 interface, headphones and microphone. I have found a track preset I like the sound of to record in mono (male lead vocals) however whenever I record and try to playback what I have recorded I hear the recording and then this instantly fades out to silence however the track is playing. Before anyone asks… direct monitor is off. Also I’m listening through headphones. Also, other track presets work fine, just “male lead vocals”.
Any ideas would be much appreciated!
Thanks, Tom
Ps. Very new to recording like I say so I probably won’t understand jargon!


I guess there if Dynamics Plugin used in this Preset. Open it and disable Gate here.

Strange thing is that when I add tracks, the voice recording is fine. So it must be the presets in the template. How do you disable a gate. I can find it but not disable it.


Here in the Operation manual you should find it.

The button in the left bottom corner.

While recording, are you using Direct Monitor?