Problem with cubase's video player

Hi, i recently bought cubase 8 pro, it works perfectly, but i can’t open video, when i open the device setup window, it says this:

My vga is quite old (2010), but i downloaded the latest drivers and i installed quick time too.
What i have to do?

I did various tests, the video works in the desktop computer with earlier versions of cubase, and it also works on my laptop with cubase 8, so i begin to think that it’s a problem of incompatibility between cubase 8 and my vga.
I’ve got an ati radeon hd 3450, with the latest drivers installed, i also have the latest version of quicktime and the latest cubase’s update.
Practicaly, i can’t even open the video player window with f8, as if it were not supported.
Could someone help me?