Problem with Cubasis and Sampletank IAA

sorry for my english. I have a problem with Cubasis and Sampletank and InterApp Audio.
I have a new Project (44,1 kHz and 16 Bit). I have one Drum Track (Midi) i send the Midi Notes to Sampletank via InterApp Audio. But its OK. When i freeze this Track, the Tone Pitch was not correct (its to high). Its the same problem with the Mixdown from this Drum Track. Do you have a idea ?

I have a iPad4 with 32 Gb and iOS 704, all Apps are the latest Version.

Same problem here. I switched from audio bus to IAA with Sampletank and recorded a drum track and the same happened… pitch went up too.

I’m using an iPad 2 with 16GB and IOS704 with all latest apps.

Finally the first reaction !!
I have also checked the IAA Instruments (BS-16i and Nanologue), but i have no problem to freeze the Track.
I have send this problem to IK Multimedia, but no reaction from the Support.

Same problem here but it’s not a problem for me anymore because I just deleted it. The quality of the app is Meh.