Problem with cursor in MIDI Edit

Is anybody else having any problems with the cursor’s “Lasso” in MIDI edit mode? This is becoming an increasingly annoying problem for me.

I start N6.5 and open a MIDI track. I see several notes I want to edit (Move, delete, whatever). What is SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN is a little range like “lasso” appears as you collect the notes in question.

Instead, I get NO LASSO but the lasso process still works. While I’m happy to still have the functionality of this feature, I’m sure you can see how dangerous this could be. If you don’t get any indication that notes are being selected and lassoed for processing until AFTER they’ve been collected, then you could accidentally do something to a bunch of data that you had no intention of adjusting. Again, the undo button, will offset this danger but why is this a problem to begin with?

The problem is intermittent. First, it happened once. No problem for weeks. Then it happened again. Now, it’s a crap shoot as to whether the lasso will be there or not an any given launch of the DAW. What kind of glitch would cause something like this?

Oh yeah, here’s the other part of the issue. As often as not, when the lasso doesn’t work, this message is not far behind when I close the project to try and re-start it with the lasso working.

This is driving me crazy!!! All morning long Nuendo has been acting weird! It dropped the connection with my X-tra keys module. Then it just stopped working and blinked off of the screen! I re-opened to find it HAD saved the work I’d done and gave me an “-01” suffix. But when I went back into MIDI edit mode the lasso was gone and, sure it enough, that missing lasso symptom predicted the crash and it did!

Can anybody tell me what this about? I’m seeing lots of posts here in a very concentrated period of odd crashing and locking up issues. Has some company in the chain changed a driver or something that is now making all of the N6.5 DAWs go nuts?
What’s going on?!!?

When that lasso goes, you canNOT just close the project and re-open it. You have to close Nuendo completely to re-start it. This time it crashed so badly that I just re-booted the PC to start over from scratch. Now Nuendo is not letting me back in!

  1. Got the no license message. So, I had to re-seat the dongle (Lord am I sick of having to do that!!)
  2. Launched Nuendo & the MC Control crashed.
    3 Launched Nuendo again and it froze. Eventually opened after several minutes. No MIDI Lasso. Shut it down.
  3. Launched again and got this message.
  4. Launched again and got this message.
  5. FINALLY got it to open. Here’s the version I’m using.

    ANY clues as to what’s going on would be greatly appreciated!

With the amount of instruments you have loaded along with the 32bit version I’m not surprised you’re having issues.

Use the 64bit version and see if the problems persist.

But my instruments are all real! The MIDI tracks are feeding racks of hardware synths. I only have a handful of VSTi’s. So, there couldn’t be that much of a draw. The performance meter is barely at 10%!

Has nothing to do with performance.
It’s all about available memory. With a 32bit system, it doesn’t take much to run out of memory, even if you have truckloads of them installed. A 32bit system can access only a small portion (a few MB) of the 12MB available RAM in your system.


So THAT’S why the MIDI lasso keeps dropping out? Why didn’t this problem show up the minute I made the template for the project? I guess it’ll be easy enough to prove. I’ll remove the VSTi’s and run the project 100% out to the MIDI hardware to generate the sounds. If the “Lasso” stabilizes and the crashing stops, I’ll have my answer. Thanks for the tips guys.