Problem with divisi condensed

I am trying, for the first time, to use Divisi condensing, not far into it…getting a weird thing happening. Here is some music…its 3/2 meter. I have several other Divisi changes in various places, and I don’t know if the Divisi change here is causing this, but for some reason Dorico is not putting a proper barline in this measure…doesn’t make sense. Anyone have any idea what this is happening or is this a 3/2 meter bug?

I also can’t seem to get these to actually “Condense” when I view condensed score…the multiple Violin I divisi staves are still shown separately rather then consolidated into one. Maybe there is an option to fix that, but I couldn’t find it if so.

but anyway, anyone have any idea why that middle measure is not calculating the bar line properly?

I think we’ll need to see the project itself, or at least a cut-down version that contains just these instruments, to be able to say what might be going on here. Could you please attach it?

pm sent. Please let me know if I can provide anything else.