Problem with dongle

Hi all,

I sometimes have Problems with the e-Licenser: The protec executer sometimes Shows up “empty” (no licenses visible).
Normally it lists the licenses correctly after a full power off of my Computer and a fresh boot.

I have an ASUS X99-S Motherboard and the dongle is connected to the USB2 ports of this board.


Regards, Ernst

Do you have the most recent version of the eLicenser software installed?

Is it time to buy a new dongle? How long have you had that dongle?


Hi all,

yes, I do have the latest Driver/Software installed.

The dongle is old… have it since Cubase 3 or 4, can that be?

Cheers, Ernst

This is not based on any technical knowledge, just a cautionary position.

I also have an Asus X99 motherboard and so far it’s been very good, no problems with not recognising the dongle. On my old mobo, I did sometimes get error messages when using Cubase saying that licences couldn’t be found for Halion, or for some other Steinberg software. This message would go away and didn’t happen very regularly. I wondered whether my dongle was developing a faulty connection, but since new PC and no more error messages, I put it down to a worn USB connector on the old PC. If I get error messages again, I will be buying a new dongle.



I consider it good News that you have positive experience with X99 boards. Actually you guided me into a direction that might be quite obvious: The usb-port itself and NOT the dongle. I use an “old” internal connector from the Motherboard’s USB2-Socket to the dongle. Maybe there is a bad contact or something.

I will check!

Thank you!


By all means, dear Moderators,
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Would you mind moving it to the Hardware thread?

Thx, Ernst