Problem with Dorico 3 and Tempo Marking

So, I just downloaded Dorico 3, and I have an issue with the Display of Tempo, I get this:
Dorico 3 Tempo Issue.png
Where did the “quarter note” image go? I used the pop-over and typed:

Calmly q=60

What should I do to correct it?

To add, I was really excited for Dorico Pro 3, with this issue, it’s disappointing.

Did you reboot after upgrading? There have been problems like this before with some fonts not being properly initialized until after reboot.

I just did, and yes, it was a font issue. I think Dorico should probably indicate this in a “First steps after updating” kind of thread, this would probably help a lot of people that run into this issue.

The installer says that a reboot is required.

It seems that many are overlooking this message. Perhaps an extra dialog box („A reboot is required“ with „Reboot now“ and „Later“ buttons) would be more noticeable.