Problem with Dorico Elements 5 Grace Period

Hi there, I’m hoping someone can help.
I purchased Dorico Elements 4 in March 2023. Download assistant shows me that I’m entitled to Dorico Elements 5 Upgrade from SE(Grace Period from Dorico Elements 4) but Activation Manager can’t find the licence. Any suggestions?

Have a look in your Steinberg Account here, signing in with your Steinberg ID if need be, and click Vouchers: if you see your grace period voucher there, click Redeem to redeem it, then run Steinberg Activation Manager on your computer and click “refresh” in the top right-hand corner.

Hi @dspreadbury - thanks for writing back.
When I follow the link - I don’t see a ‘vouchers’ button, but if I click on ‘Redeem Download Access Code’ and put in my code, I get this message: "Redemption of Dorico Elements 5 Upgrade from SE (Grace Period from Dorico Elements 4) successful.

Then I load and refresh Activation Manager but nothing else shows up.

Any suggestions?

Thanks and I appreciate your help.
I’ve attached a few screenshots.

Here’s the other screenshot…

I think I know what might have happened here. I guess you purchased Dorico Elements 4 as an upgrade from Dorico SE, presumably towards the end of March of this year? It looks like you activated Dorico Elements 4 on 23 March 2023, which unfortunately means that you’re just outside the grace period for a free update to Dorico Elements 5 (the grace period began on 1 April 2023).

So as best I can tell you are not, I’m afraid, eligible for a free update to Dorico Elements 5. I guess the DAC you’re entering is the DAC you received when you purchased the upgrade from Dorico SE to Dorico Elements 4, which, if you were redeeming it for the first time now, would indeed provide you with a Dorico Elements 5 license. But you’ve already redeemed it, so it can’t actually upgrade your Elements 4 license.

Am I roughly right about the sequence of events here?

Yes - that’s correct. Thanks for looking into that for me. I appreciate your time.

You’re welcome. If you’d like to buy an update to Dorico Elements 5, it costs €29 inc. German VAT or equivalent in your local currency, and it’s a pretty good deal, as Elements has been significantly expanded in this generation.