Problem with Dorico (iPad Version) and Dropbox


My Dorico for iPad is not loading.

I was working on a project that I had on Dropbox. I got the attached message while working and since then Dorico is not loading on the iPad (Just a black screen) I restarted the iPad and it is doing the same thing (black screen)

I lost all of my unsaved work. Fortunately, the file is still in Dropbox and I can open it on my computer.

Could somebody please advise on how to fix this issue? Sometimes I’m not home and I need to be able to work using the iPad. Thank you!

Have you tried opening any other files? Is it only that one that is having issues? If Dorico as a whole isn’t working, maybe #1 check for updates or #2 re-install it to your device. If it is just that file, if I were in your situation I would try and figure out what is different from other files. I hope this helped. Good luck :+1:

One other thing. I think you can lock files on an iPad and that might cause a similar error so check that maybe.

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Thank you @Strauss

Since the app was not loading at all (just a blank screen) I was unable to try a different file. This is the first time this happens. I uninstalled Dorico, as you suggested, and after reinstalling I was able to open the app. I tried the same file and got the same result (Dorico not working/loading) without getting the above message. I was using the updated version of Dorico on an updated iPad. What I noticed is that I had the history of opened files while I hard press the icon (once reinstalled) I selected another file and Dorico opened seamlessly. That file was in my Dropbox too, then I tried to create a new project stored on the iPad and it worked properly. I guess there’s an issue with Dropbox or that particular file. I will have to work only on the computer with that one… Thank you for your help and assistance!

I’ve noticed problems recently with Dropbox on both iPad and Mac, with apps other than Dorico. Specifically the problem seems to be with files that aren’t cached locally: Dropbox isn’t seamlessly downloading them. Try manually storing offline from within the Dropbox app first.

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