Problem with download after purchase

Hi all,

Two days ago I decided to upgrade from Cubase 6 Artist to Cubase 6

After my purchase in the online shop I received the conformation e-mail with the download link/password/activation code

  • when I follow the link all is fine but the download button is “greyed” out, when I click it anyway it says there are no
    available downloads for me
  • when I copy the activation code from the e-mail into my USB e-licenser I get the message that there is no upgradeable software altough Cubase Artist is selected as the one to upgrade

    Naturally I contacted Asknet but they gave me the advice I already know and applied ( disable firewall/enable active content in IE 9 etc), the second e-mail I received from them stated that they are “completely competent concerning all matters of online ordering & sales” but they would relay my problem to the Steinberg support anyway as this is a vendors software problem
    I was told Steinberg support would contact me…
    Did anybody out there experience the same problem and how did the matter get resolved ? Did you get a refund or a working download-link or am I completely clueless ?

kind regards


Can you download it without using a download manager? My problems were due to using a download manager in Firefox. When I stopped that, it downloaded fine and works well.

If you’re not using a download manager of some sort, then all I can suggest is try using a different browser.

Hi Maincat

thanks for your reply
afaik I am not using a downloadmanager, I tried the link with both IE9 and Firefox, the page opens but the “” download" section remains "greyed"out
my system is completely up-to-date, I checked and double-checked everything with Windows, the e-Licenser software and everything I can imagine

I noticed at least one board-member had the same sort of problem the last few days

I don’t know how he got this solved but until I hear from support I’m stuck I guess, this sort of thing leaves a bad taste

anyway, thanks for your help, I will post if and how the matter is resolved

kind regards



I think you need to talk to Asknet and ask them to reset your account, so that the download stops being grey out.

UK: +44-871-6640173 (0,10 GBP per minute)


You can also contact them through the internet.

Add something to your cart from the store.
When the cart pops up, remove the item.
At the bottom, it has “contact” as a link.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think you need a download at all when upgrading from artist to full. The application is the same, the license determines what’s available and what isn’t.
Just upgrade the license using the key you bought and try launching Cubase again, see if it’s still artist.

Problem solved !

I contacted mr Oscar Bonomi from Customer Support, it appeared I inadvertently had bought the wrong license
there appear to be two upgrades from Artist to Cubase 6, both the same price but one is meant for the Educational License :laughing: ( I can do with some education I think)

I received a new activation code via e-mail and it works like a charm

a big thank you to everyone who came out to help

kind regards


Nice, enjoy Cubase 6 :slight_smile: