Problem with dragging stereo clips in a surround audio montage

I start working with Wavelab 11 and there comes one question after the other. Sorry, but I do not find solutions in the manual or anywhere else.
Now: I have an audio montage, surround with 8 channels (4 bottom and for top loud speakers), 12 stereo tracks with various channel combinations (l-r, ls-rs, tr-tl and so on) . Whenever I drag a stereo audio file from the browser into a track, wavelab creates by itself a new track, where I can insert the file. From there I can drag the file into the track, where I want to have it.
It only works without problem on the track with track routing “l-s”. So it seems that my audio file has the l-s stereo and wavelab does not accept this in another channel combination.
This makes no sense in a surround montage - and it makes a lot of work.
Do I anything wrong?

Help would be great

You have to set the track routine manually. WaveLab will not interpret the file sufix for this.

Do I understand this correctly? This would mean, that I never can drag a stereo file into a montage track which is not routed to l-r?
I am working on a great project with hundreds of small audio-clips. So whenever I drag a clip into the montage, wavelab makes an empty stereo track. Then I have to drag the clip from this new track into the track, where I want to have it, and than I have to delete the empty track? Hundreds of times…?
This cannot be the way.
Or do I misunderstand anything?

No, you can of course. But the track routing has to be set once for each track.

Ok, I am partially relieved. But then there is anything wrong with my montage - or with the preferences?
I have a track with exact your combination (Left surround and Right Surround). Then I drag a stereo file into this track - and in the same moment there opens a new empty track as described before. And this new track has the routing to L-R.

You are right. There is a bug, sorry (in fact, there are two issues). I will fix that for WaveLab 11.1.20.

In the meantime, there is an easy workaround: insert the track on a temporary/intermediary track. Then as a second step, just move the clip on the left/right surround track.

So I do not have to search any longer for any wrong preferences.
Yes, the workaround is clear. I just did describe my fight with the software a little bit dramatically…

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Is there the perspective to get it soon? Would be great!
The workaround takes pretty much time in a big project (scrolling up and down in a montage with many tracks).

This was fixed this morning. Now, I can’t say when 11.1.20 will be available exactly but probably the end of next month.