Problem with Drum Editor in lower Zone

Hi am am working on Cubase 9.0.10 64bit right now.

Usually when you use the drum editor in a seperate window you can switch between midi parts in your drum track from the arranger window and the editor will remain a drum editor even thought you didn’t apply a drum map

In the Lower Zone its different. When you open a midi part as drum editor and than switch between parts the drum editor in the lower zone will switch to a key editor.

Steps to reproduce.

  1. Open a midi track
  2. Insert several midiparts with some content in it.
  3. apply no drum map
  4. open one of the parts in lower zone as drum editor and also in seperate window as drum editor
  5. select a different part in the arranger window.

If it also happens for you now the lower zone will be a key editor and the Editor in the seperate window will remain a drum editor.

did you find a workround?