Problem with Dynamics Mapping chasing

Chasing Dynamics Mapping is not working here (6.0.2). Every time I set the cursor in the middle of the project, the last Dynamic is not played back, no matter which channel. Has anyone else having this problem?

(I haven’t encountered this problem here, so far).
More details?..
Same problem, no matter what the receiving instrument?
How is your Dynamics map set up? (to velocities, CC#s, both?)
Are you using dynamic crescendi?

Yes, tried with two different instruments and it did not chase the dynamic mapping. My dynamic mapping is only sending CC1 and Expression Map only handles CC25. No MIDI insert active, no CC in the List Editor. When I stop playback, it sets CC1 to 0, and does not chase the dynamic CC1.

Playing back from this position, dynamic works fine…

… but if I stop and playback from here, the dynamic does not chase at all.

O.K. I can confirm it isn’t chasing controllers correctly (but works o.k. with velocities).

Thanks, vic_france.

Yes, same problem here. Glad you posted infact, because I was just starting to notice it and meant to test it.

Did you report it to Steinberg yet ?

How do I report that’s not through the forum?

By logging into ‘MySteinberg’ … I wouldn’t presume that Steinberg read every thread on this forum :wink:

Well, according to the first thread, they eventually do, if I understand correctly. And there’s no other way of submitting a bug but with the help of other users confirming this.

Indeed. But, now you have your confirmation, raising a support ticket via MySteinberg and quoting this thread/topic, will (should…!) draw their attention more readily. As richardjay says, you can’t presume they read every thread here, or throughout the other forum pages.

good luck…!


Ah, I’ll do. Thanks.

Have you checked the midi Filter settings in Preferences? Sysex filtered out by default though I’m not sure about the Chase events.

If you have then I suggest putting “bug?” in the thread title. They don’t check every day but I think they run thru the more obvious posts once a week or two.

They ask in the bugbase topic that we don’t use the word bug, but the suggestion is valid, I’ll start using the question mark as mentioned in that topic.

And, yes, filtering is not the problem. I don’t use SYSEX at all, and, like I said, it works in some situations but not always.


I’ll bump this one, hoping that Steinberg fixes this for the next update.