Problem with Edit Duration and rests/voices

Hello, I am trying to double note values of an organ piece with quite e few voices.
So far without success.
What I did was engage Insert Mode, then delete the two tuplet signposts (first screenshot=desired result), then select all, filter by notes and chords. Then go to the property panel and disable the two start and end voice properties. Then selected all again (including the rests). Then still with Insert Mode engaged I went to ->Write->Edit Duration->Double Note Duration.
Now I fixed the two tuplets (make into triplet), but the rest looks messed up. Why is this? Is it all the different voices that start somewhere in the middle?
Is it, that only visible rests get doubled in value? Or does Dorico do not consider any rests when doubling duration (as they are “nothing”)?
Thank you for a helpful advice.

test - Bach BWV 542 Fantasia.dorico (812.5 KB)

I think this might be because of the consolidated rests: you’ve got three active voices but only one rest shown for all of them.

Try making sure a rest is shown in each voice, selecting the relevant notes/rests, then doing the edit duration operation again.

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Yes Lillie, I thought so, too. That’s why I went to the properties to disable all start and end voice properties. Is there another way to get all rests in all voices back?

Is this what you are looking for?

Notation Options > Rests > Rest Positioning > Coincident rests of the same duration in opposing voices:

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Steven, thank you very much, this saves my day!
Doubling works well after this change of Notation Options.
I had some extra work for the later introduced voices in the right hand.
(I had to filter them and manually move them to their later position).

result after fixing the two triplets and changing time signature:

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