Problem with editing audio


I’ve just jumped from Cubase VST 5.1 (Mac OS9!) to Cubase SE3, to Cubase 7 in 2 steps (brief flirtation with Logic in between - nightmare!) Obviously taking a lot of new stuff on board. Mostly coping OK, but tearing my hair out over what should be the simplest thing to do but can’t work out how:

I use the audio side of Cubase mainly for editing live performances, music and spoken word. Taking out gaps, mistakes, making up one good take from 2 or 3 separate takes - in other words doing what I would have done with scissors and tape 20 years ago. So all I need is to cut, paste, copy, move stuff around, etc - don’t need warping, slicing or any of the other wonderful functions!

OK, here’s where the problem starts - with earlier versions of Cubase I could just double-click on the part to show the waveform, cut, drag, glue,copy and paste, etc. I could make pin-sharp edits by turning off the quantise snap function. Dead easy.

With Cubase 7, I don’t seem to be able to be able to make accurate edits. If I try to use the scissors tool from the main arrange page, it always wants to split to the nearest point according to the quantise value, and even set at 64-th note triplet, it’s not very accurate. If I double-click on the part to show the sample editor, there’s no scissors tool. I appreciate that I can use the “split at cursor” function, but to do this I have to return to the arrange window, and then moving things around becomes impossible as again they will only move to the quantise value.

I hope I’ve explained this clearly. I MUST be doing something basically wrong but I don’t know what. The manual isn’t very clear at all on this. After battling with it all weekend I’ve been reduced to dusting off the old G4 and editing it in VST 5.1, which was a piece of cake, but obviously not the solution!

Any advice appreciated, thanks

Disable Snap >|<

Brilliant! And so obvious, already kicking myself! Many thanks

There’s also Snap to Zero Crossing, just to the left of the Snap described above. Sounds like you’ll find it useful but be aware that if you’re trying to cut several tracks to exactly the same point you should leave it off or you’ll get slight variations in the cut point.