Problem with eLicense

I have purchased a new computer and now i’m not able to register my cubase LE4 (got it when i bought E-mu0404 2009) I have tried with both, old and new eLicence control center. When i type my old registration code to the code field it tells me to contact the support team (code is old etc). I have sent 3 support requests (first one more than month ago) without any answers… Please could someone help me with this …? Anyone having the same problem? Maybe it’s somethng simple and i just don’t get… (sorry for my poor english)

Thank you for your answers!

Viljami Tiainen

See what I wrote here:

Thanks for your answer.

I tried on that but i still cannot find the correct number to register product on

I have my old eLicense and the old activation code. When i open the new eLincense CC, it’s empty. After typing the old activation code to the correct field it tells me to contact support. Anyone here with the same problem?

(Is there a steinberg support team at all?)

E-mail putting “LE4 re-activation” in the title and explain your issue.