problem with Eucon since 9.5.20 with PT control app

today I have a problem I didn’t had before… I guess it is because of my recent instalation of the update… when opening the PT Control app (which use eucon), I have this message
Capture d’écran 2018-03-27 à 11.55.53.png
No problem when using only my two Artist Mix devices, but message appears as soon as I lauch it… and Cubase crash shortly after…

Does anyone confirm, has the same problem ?

I have had that problem with PT Control in the past (around the time of Cubase 8.5). I haven’t tried it with the latest Cubase version though. I’m not sure what the cure was because I made three changes simultaneously: Moving from Windows 7 to Win10, updating to a new version of Cubase and changing my wireless router.

The only thing I can tell you is that the issue would only appear when I had 37 tracks or more. Anything up to 36 tracks works fine. Could this be the first time you have used the app with 37+ tracks?