Problem, with exporting a file to mp3

Hi Guys. I bought Cubase Artist 7 about a week a ago watched some of the tutorials and finally got around to making a small track with samples that sounds ok. Pretty mean learning curve but the more you learn t his monster the easier it is to use. Current problem I am having I exporting my track to mp3. I have read the pdf comparison literature for the full cubase 7 and the artist version and the home is supposed to support mp3 export to 128k. I keep getting an no more exports error with a link to go buy a mp3 patch. I am thinking I might have a registration issue or need the bata patch but was waiting for the tested version. Any advise I want to post my track “hello music world track” on my facebook. Thanks in advance.

Actually, mp3 export does have an extra fee in Artist.

K this is real bad, so will not export mp3. So exported as wave and windows media file which both will not play in windows media player player or real player. I did not pay $180 to put up with this crap. I love Cubase artist 7 so far but this is getting anoying, like buying a Ferrari without a transmission. I need a fix please and not buying mp3 patch till wave and windows media file export works.

Oh ya still have the full trial version of cubase 7 and ran it still a few days left still does the same thing no exports left for mp 3.

Well you can get away with freeware encoders which are very good, look at fraunhafer or lame encoders. It is just an extra step in converting, might as well do it in a seperate master session with audacity (also freeware/opensource)

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Thanks problems solved seemed the wave and windows media files would not play till cubase was closed and got the mp3 conversion programs. Read a Steinberg pdf comparison file and it stated that Cubase artist 7 could export up to 128k mp3 files included in the program and that’s what peeved me off spent a while figuring it out.

Check the box for ‘Release Driver’. Devices>Device Setup…>VST Audio System.

This will allow your interface to play from Windows while Cubase is open.