Problem with exporting CSV Marker on Nuendo 5.5.1

Hi JayRoseCAS,

did you export omf or anything similar, too?

Can you try the following (With a non-working user account):

  1. Open the export Dialog of OMF (or aaf)
  2. Check if there is a path set for “Media Destination Path”
  3. If there is anything set, please remove it and press cancel.
  4. Try to export CSV

Hi Bodo,
it works!!!

I’ve exported a omf file to select a new path, then I cancelled the export. After, I’ve tried to export a CSV marker file, and it has worked.

Thanks a lot.

Thanks for confirming. I have reported this bug. Until it is fixed, you have to use this workaround.

Cheers, Bodo


Worked for me also!

Good work! That really isolates exactly where the bug is happening… and why it’s so sporadic, and why reverting versions sometimes worked.

In the meantime I’ll use the workaround. Unless, having once given my install of CSV Marker a valid file path, it’s completely happy now… :smiley: