Problem with Exporting Scores in Cubase 10 Pro -

When I click on Export --> Scores, the “File Name” and “Save as Type” boxes do not appear in that window. (Export Scores).
I have found, to get around this, that if I click on the Hide Folders button on the bottom of the screen (Click on Hide Folders)
and then from that screen click on the Browse Folders button, the boxes appear…(Click on Browse Folders) ??
I believe this is a bug… but not being an experienced user with the Score process I’m posting here first.
After checking in Cubase Pro 8 and 9.5, this error does not occur… ONLY in Cubase 10 Pro.
Any comments?

Cubase Pro Ver (10.0.30)

I don’t know what’s happening there, and I can’t test since my machine is on Windows 10, looks like you’re on 7.

But it might be worth mentioning that Export Scores is a specialized function, e.g., to export a jpg of a partial page for use in a publishing program. Print using a pdf printer is the generally way to print sheet music.

Well I’m still on 7 and can confirm this is a problem.

Probably nobody reporting it is an indicator of how used the Export Score function is.

Hi Raino,

I use Cubase for all my scores and parts. The Export function is rather useless. The solution is indeed printing it to pdf, although you must download a Print to Pdf driver in order to do it.

This bug has already been reported to Steinberg for some time now.

Yes. That’s why a “Export to PDF” option in the menu with settings would greatly make sense.

Digging out an old post but I have the exact same issue.
Windows 10 Pro and Cubase 10,5 Pro, both fresh installs, latest drivers etc…

It’s amazing how after a year this is still an issue…

Bug is still there in Cubase Pro 11… Exporting still works due to the workaround by clicking on hide folders but it’s kinda annoying to have such an obvious bug.

Experienced this with pro 9 couple years back and still dealing with the same annoyance on 10.5 win 10 machine, can’t believe this has not been resolved.

This is an annoying problem at least since Cubase 10 and very much needs to be fixed

This bug since Cubase 10.0 has not been fixed yet in Cubase 11. It is much easier to export score area in many cheaper programs. It desperately needs to be fixed.