Problem with External FX


I use Cubase 9 Edu. My problem is following: from unknown reason I can’t find way to work with EXTERNAL FX (my external preamp).

I read manual, followed youtube videos and did everything the same. I just can’t make it work, so please help me.

In VST connections -> External FX -> Add external FX -> Select Line 3 and 4 for Send bus (Line 3/4 is additional output from my Apollo twin duo soundcard) -> I select Ch 1 and 2 for return bus. Than I go to my stereo audio track -> inserts -> insert External plugin -> window opens up, where I can control Send and return gain + check for loop delay (when I check, there is no change, it stays at 0,00ms). When I play the audio track, there is no sound (obvious, because signal is routed to stereo out 3/4), but there is no signal visible on Stereo out fader and no signal coming to my preamp. Stereo out 3/4 is connected to Line in on preamp, and Line out on preamp is connected back to Ch 1/2 on soundcard - all with jack cables.

I also tried using external FX as send (not as insert) and there is also no signal coming.

Is there some setting I forgot about? Or what am I doing wrong?

Thank you for your help!:slight_smile: