Problem with Fastspring/payment

Hi there!

I just wanted to report a major issue with payment, when purchasing VST Live upgrade from Elements.

I live in Mexico, but lived before in Germany and opened my Paypal account there.

My intention was to pay via Paypal, so I filled out the forms etc and was taken to my usual Paypal page. After confirming the process, I was returned to the Steinberg page, which indicated, that I would need a Paypal account in MX, so I changed my shipping address to Mexico, and repeated the operation…

Result is, I have now been charged twice, but those charges do not appear in my Paypal account. For the same matter, I haven´t received a single licence.

Obviously, I only need un upgrade, so…

  • Where do I get my licence?
  • Where do I get my refund?

Anyone else with that kind of issue?

Hi @roger-s,

I’ll take care of it. But I need your personal data (e-mail, full-name, address) to find your case. Can you send me your data? PM or mail to “m.spork (at)”.

See you,

Hi there!

Just wanted to let you know, that I got re-imbursed my payments pretty fast.
Still, the issue with the PayPal location country is somewhat troubling.
I hope not to stumble upon it again, when updating my Nuendo 12.

Happy New Year!