Problem With Focused Clip Window


There seems to be a bug with the focused clip window box. Most of the time when I right click on the clip, the focused clip box pops up but is completly empty. Every once and awhile it is working…most of the time it isn’t. I need to suss this out ASAP. Thanks in advnace for any help

Pete Lyman

For sure I’m stating the obvious: are you using 7.0.1?
Compliments for your Studio!

This happens if the window is flying, not if it is docked (your solution for now). I don’t remember if this was corrected in 7.01 or in the version currently in development.

Thanks. Yes, I’m running 7.01. Docking doesn’t help. In fact, when I dock the clip window to the right next to the master section it snaps into docking position and then looks like an overlapped duplicate of the master section. That freezes up the master section, so I have to de-select it from the top menus and the master section back to the view list.

I’ve been using WL7.01 fr about 3 weeks now and I’ve only had the clip window open maybe 4 times. (Working 6 days a week…at least 8 hrs/day)

Is there another way to access fades other than the clip area?

Yes, I confirm now this issue is solved in > 7.01.
So for now, have this window docked. You need it to edit the various fade parameters.

Doesn’t work. Is there a specific place I should dock it? If I dock it by the master section it doesn’t work.


You can dock it anywhere (but the right side is the default). If it is still blank, just quit WaveLab and relaunch and it will be ok from now on.

Hello Philippe,
unfortunately this happens with the error correction window as well…but interestingly I did not have problems with the focused clip window so far…

I have some more questions :blush:

  • are the docking places for the mastersection and the focused clip window predefined? I mean, can I only float them around or dock them on the left or right of the clip?
  • so we have tool windows, control windows, the clip window, mastersection and the focused clip? Did I understand the concept right?



Most window can be docked on each of the 4 borders. But certain window are restricted. Eg. the Master Section can only be vertical, hence on the left or the right border.