Problem with Generic Remote

I am able to assign Quick Controls, but nothing I do in the Generic Remote section has any effect. Even trying to assign a knob from my BCR2000 to the volume fader of a track doesn’t work. It works in Quick Controls,but then only if I have that track selected in the main project view.

I have tried setting the Device as both VST Mixer and Mixer: neither produce any effect. For example I have in hte top section “Untitled - controller - 1 - 103 - 127” and in the bottom “Untitled - VST Mixer - Audio 01 - volume” and when I turn the that fader, no change in volume occurs. This is maddening.


What you are describing is normal! The BCR can control the Quickcontrol but as you see, only on a per channel basis, that’s the way it is.
The faders in the mixer have to be controlled under Mackie emulation mode which again unfortunately isn’t supported by the BCR2000 - only the BCF2000.

Thanks for your reply. That leaves me to ask though: what use is the Generic Remote at all?? If you can’t assign controls from generic surfaces but only known configurations, what give the ability to make the assignments? It seems that the feature itself must either not work at all and is a mere prop, or that there’s a missing piece here.

Maybe you can edit one of Backbeats Presets for youre usecase: (the “topraw” are QuickControls)