Problem with Halion Sonic 1.6 update

Hi, I am having some difficulty with this update. I click on the update and get the following message ‘Set up has stopped working. Windows is trying to resolve the problem’, then the box goes away and nothing happens. I have the 1.5.2 update installed no problem. So far I have un-installed Halion Sonic, and installed 1.5 from the original C6 disk, did not help. Re-downloaded the update in case the first was somehow corrupt. Reinstalled the 1.5.2 update. None of this has worked. I even tried hold one foot in the air and closing my eyes. All have failed. I checked the forums and the only thing close was an issue with the C6.5 update people got a similar message. Turned out to be a corrupt file which Steinberg quickly resolved. Here is a brief rundown of my system… i5 2500k, Win7 32bit, C6.5 32bit, Halion Sonic 1.5.2 32 bit full license, Elc lincenser updated. Everything works great so I could live without the update but… I would like to keep up with improvements. Thanks for any ideas on this.

Follow up… I did a fresh install and it solved the problem. Some of the Halion Sonic files were in the wrong place and the installer could not find them. Now, all is good.