Problem with HSO Large Cymbal Percussion Map?

I found an odd bit in the HSO Large Cymbal Percussion Map in Version

The percussion map “HSO Cymbal Large Combi KS” has an odd technique defined for Roll (Stick), namely “Tremolo + pt.user.sticks”.

If you highlight this technique it does not editable at all within in the dialog.

Somehow the playback somewhat works if you if you like pinging machine gun sounds.

I exported this map and modified line 149 the .xml to:

and reimported this map and the technique is both editable and seems to trigger correctly and sounds closer to a proper stick roll.

Not sure if there is a reason for why this was “pt.user.sticks” rather than “pt.sticks” of if it just something I accidently did on my side without realizing it.


Thanks for reporting this, Daniel. You’re quite right that this is an error in the default percussion map. I’ll make sure this gets fixed.