Problem with HSO licensing

Something rather curious happened to me this morning. HALion Symphonic Orchestra did not open. A message telling me that the library activation code did not exist. Indeed, the libray is not one of my download products in SDA. I can’t find any license for it in eLicenser, nor in Activation Manager, nor in my MySteinberg account.

However, I bought this product at the time when this library had its own installer before the arrival of Dorico. I subsequently purchased version 2 of Dorico Pro which I never updated because I no longer really needed it. This library was part of it as Dorico Playback 2 - Orchestra Library. However, I have looked for the activation code or the purchase order for this library in my archive documents, but I cannot find them, at least for the moment.

What I want to know is this, as long as I have Dorico 2 installed on my system I will be able to access this library and as soon as it is no longer installed, I will lose access to the library? Should I therefore also deduce that as long as I do not find the activation code for the original version of this library, I will not be able to use it without Dorico?

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