problem with import audio files in cubase 6

hii I have a serious problem when im import a audio files Especially when I import a full track to the project , the audio is Just bumping and making strange noises every few seconds …its happend only when im import some track of another artist to edit it and not when im import a sampels or shorts loop…what can i do please help me ?

Have a look at the files properties to see what samplerate it is. Cubase should ask you to convert if it’s different!

Can you play back these files in another player?

Have you tried to raise your soundcards buffer size?

What is the ASIO meter doing?

Oh and what system and soundcard etc :sunglasses:

my system is intel core 2 quad cpu 2.66Ghz memory 4.00 GB video card navidia geforce GTS 250 1gb win 7 64 bit and cubase 6 32 bit …my soundcard is RME babyface with the last asio update and the buffer size is on max on 2048 sampels…all the files that im import is played in media player and they working good …i uploaded example of what im hearing after im import the track to cubase …

I take it they are wave files?

Have you maybe got musical mode on and Cubase is trying to time stretch the files?

Have you tried it in linear mode?

Hows the disk performance?

its a mp3 files , how can i check if im in musical mode when im import and not when im in the editing area ?
I tried the linear mode its not working =/ and the disc preformance are fine …even when i just select a track on the import window Before I put it in the project He plays it with the scartchs…maybe i need to change something in the Settings ?

Try converting the MP3 to a wave using another program. Then import the wave.

how can i check if im in musical mode when im import and not when im in the editing area ?


i check with abelton , i import to the project the same audio file and he also bumping so i think the problem is in the soundcard …something in the prefrences , what can i do ?


please help someone…

Can you drag the audio file directly into a stereo audio track on the arrange page?

i tried its not working the problem Appears when i played the track on the import window and before i import the audio file to the project

what can i do please ?

Have you converted the MP3 file to a wave file?