Problem with input and output changing (Zoom 4hn/Cubase)


I’m have been using the Zoom 4Hn together with cubase on PC for a while and it worked perfectly fine.
Now i got a Macbook pro and i managaed to install cubase without any problem.
When i enter Cubase to change the ASIO driver to the 4Hn and play a recording there’s alot of noise.
If i look at the Audio in MIDI setup found i utilities folder when starting cubase, i can see that the input and output changes from the 4Hn to the built-in.
And when cubase is running i can’t change back to the input and output of the Zoom 4Hn.
There seem to be some sort of confussion between the computer and my macbook.

I would appreciate all the help i can get!

I don’t even see a Mac specific ASIO driver, all the documentations shows for Windows OS only ?