Problem with Key Editor closing on multiple monitor setup.

Having problems using multiple monitors since 9.0.2. Can’t find a way to keep my key editor open on monitor #2 when I delete a midi region in the arrange window on monitor #1. I’ve been muting regions instead of deleting them just to make sure the window stays open, but that is making my arrange window cluttered. When I click on a different region to edit it when the key editor is closed after deleting a region, the key editor opens on monitor #1 covering up my arrange window, instead of reopening on monitor #2 like it would in Cub 8.5.

So I tried assigning my arrangement (arrange on monitor 1, key editor on monitor 2) to my default workspace, so I could use a key command to make it open in the second window, by pulling up the workspace again. The key editor will still open on monitor #1 when I click on a midi region, using the key command to revert to my default workspace won’t switch the key editor to monitor #2, so this doesn’t fix the problem.

Definitely a bug that I didn’t have in 8.5. Key editor would just pop open on monitor #2. They should fix it so it doesn’t close the key editor window when you delete the midi region in the project arrange window.


The Key Editor displays the MIDI Part data. If you delete the MIDI Part, there is nothing to display. This is Cubase architecture, there is nothing to fix here.

But the issue with window should be fixed. So if you reopen the window, it should appear at the same screen. I’m afraid a bit, it’s also kind of architecture. Might be, every single Key Editor window is own instance, so they don’t know the position of other Key Editor window. Same as it is with plug-ins.

If you stop to link editors in the Preferences, you will get always a new independent instance of the Key Editor window for every part. So if you delete MIDI Part A, the Key Editor of the MIDI Part B stays open. Maybe this is better settings for your workflow, isn’t it?

Sorry, but I don’t understand. :confused: Do you mean de-select “Editor Content Follows Event Selection” in Preferences/Editors? Do you mean “instance” instead of “insurance?”

I’m ok with the window closing when I delete a region as long as when I double-click on a region, the edit window opens in the same place as the old one did. It worked like this in 8.5. Using the key commands to go back to the default workspace should work as well, like it did in 8.5. When I use the key command, the edit window covers the arrange window instead of opening on monitor #2, as I have it saved in the workspace. Definitely a bug.


Sorry, it was called “Link Editor” in older Cubase versions… Yes, I mean “Editor Content Follows Event Selection”. And yes, I mean “instance”, not “insurance”.

So your Preferences settings is: “Double-click opens Editor in a Window”, right? I tried this right now, and it works to me as expected. The editor is opened, where I closed it last time. Even if it’s another part. My screen-setup is not left-right, but top-bottom, which is even most “risky” for Cubase.

Could you try to run Cubase in Safe Start Mode? Is it the same?

I tried it in safe start mode. Same problem, didn’t fix it. The edit window opens on top of the arrange window. If I move it to monitor #2, then close it, and open it again from by double clicking on the same or different regions in the arrange window on monitor #1, it still opens on top of the arrange window instead of re-opening on monitor #2. Are you trying it on two separate monitors, or just the same monitor?

Thanks for the help, btw.

I tried on two monitors (laptop + a screen). I’m also on OSX 10.10.5, as you are.

I also have a third monitor where I put my video window and a mastering compressor. Would that matter? It’s HDMI, and the other two are DVI.


Today we have Cubase 10.5 and I have the same problem with Twisting Key Editor. Logic has this simple option to freeze key editor since ancient times.
How can you reply to the customer it is an Architecture issue?)
Can you imagine the constant window open/close on 32" display? It is a torture.
Would be nice to add a little tiny button in the corner of every window “Stay here forever, don’t move” especially related to specific monitor like “Pin here for this display”. This is what I call a customer-centric approach :sunglasses:


What about to use Workspaces?