Problem with lanes

I’m hoping there is a setting I’m missing.

Something changed with N10 where if I mute a lane on a multi-lane track, the remaining lanes are not heard (they appear faded). This requires me to make the extra steps of zooming out, finding the little square in the middle of the take I want to hear and clicking on it. Or having to switch to the comp tool. I have to do this to every time I want to hear a take. I want the previous behavior where nothing is muted unless I actually mute it. PITA!

Does anyone know if there is some setting I can change to fix this? Thanks in advance.

Well, if you mute the active lane on a multi-lane track the system will just mute that lane - it can not guess which lane you DO want to here. And only one lane at a time can be heard, unless they do not overlap - muting a single lane will not cause all the other lanes to become audible at the same time!

The Comp tool would seem to me to be the way to go.

The behavior used to be that the bottom-most track that is unmuted will play. Muting that track would have the next one up play, and so on.

Now everything is muted unless I specifically select it as described in my first post. This is a click fest. Please bring back the old behavior. It is a waste of time as is.

take a look at: Preferences/Editing/audio/Treat muted audio events like deleted
Does this solve the problem you described?

Will give a try tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion.

Bingo. Thanks MGil. I always thought it applied to hard drive activity and paid no attention to it, just leaving it on in previous versions.