Problem with licences


After I moved to another computer, where I reinstall everything (windows 10 + all the soft) I have while I start Komplete Kontrol and I think it is related to the Stainberg software?

While KK is scanning during the start all the instruments I have a few errors like this:


I have no error when I start my Cubase 12.

I think this is a problem with licensing soft included with UR28M interface from Yamaha I guess, but don’t know how to solve this problem.

Please connect your USB-eLicenser dongle to your computer. If you weren’t using one, please go through the Reactivation process to reactive your Soft-eLicenser:


Thank you for your help. I installed this soft so long ago last time that i forget that I need some licences (was thinking licence is with drivers). I was looking for some serials but found only paper box for my UR28M and the maual. Not a problem. I have newer VST so I uninstalled the problem one.