problem with lines...

I encounter again a problem in one project with horizontal lines
choosing the “rythmic position” symbol in fact produce bar alignment, and vice versa
Also i got a strange behaviour when using the shift+Alt+right arrow command, the lines start to move to right, then flip back to several bars before
porject file attached

Jean Francois
exo LM (506 KB)

Sorry, I can’t quite see what problem you’re reporting, since the only line in this project is (I think) the one in bars 46-48, and that’s not barline-attached. This is one of those rare situations when a picture would be of help in addition to the project so I can see what you’re seeing! Thanks.

You could see the problem if you try to move that line included in my file to start where “rubato” is written…


Seems only to be a problem in Galley view.

There is a problem in galley view where some lines can appear at the wrong duration, as discussed in an earlier thread on the forum. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. This problem will be corrected in the next update.

I have seen that it works in the page view,…
But as galley view is my basic work configuration !..

thanks for your attention and quick reply…
Excellent support from all your team…