Problem with Live Midi Recording Over a Video Track and Workaround

I’ve noticed an issue that if you try live midi recording into a MIDI track by pressing the record button, the video frustratingly jumps 20 seconds ahead of the play head.

If I understand correctly from page 15 of the 5.0.20 release notes this is an known issue. Despair!

As a work around, however, I have found that if you select a staff play notes in the track and pretend you are recording, stop, then hit the magic “Ctrl-Alt-R” retrospective record button, the notes manifest themselves more or less the right place. (Well, close enough given my sloppy keyboard skills). Huzzah!

Yes, unfortunately this is a known issue related to some conflicting requirements between managing the video soundtrack and managing tempo synchronization for the purposes of e.g. playing back in Groove Agent SE correctly. It’s something we will address when we further develop the time signature and tempo synchronization between Dorico and the audio engine.

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