problem with "lock frame"

Follwoing suituation:
Page 3 starts with a frame break and the property for staff spacing is set to a different value.
When I use “lock frame” on page 2, the frame break on page 3 get’s overriden and my settings are lost.
Would be great, if Dorico could keep the settings for page 3.

“Lock frame” is just a quick way to create two frame breaks and set the “wait for next frame break” property on the first one.

If you already have the frame break at the start of page 3, just create a frame break at the start of page 2 and set the “wait for next frame break” property yourself.

But than I also have to create all the system breaks manually, that lock frame creates.

Indeed. On the other hand, if you’re at the point at which you’re locking frames, you probably don’t actually need to lock systems.

I sometimes use lock frame very late in the production progress, when I make some changes in the note spacing and doesn’t want Dorico to change the systems anymore. Especially near the end of a flow, changing the note spacing can have some unpredictable changes in the last systems.

In that case, don’t try to combine existing frame/system breaks with the lock buttons - use one or the other.

I’m just asking for some improvements with frame and system breaks. I would prefer, if using these functions would take existing breaks into account. I create al lot of collections with a lot of flows and very different pieces. Therefore I often don’t know in the beginning, what I will need in the end.
Dorcio seems to calulate systems and note spacing different, when it calculates a whole page or e.g. just the last to systems of a page. Dorico adds systems breaks, when you edit the note spacing. When I change the note spacing e.g. on a page with 6 systems in system 4, Dorico often changes the layout of system 5 and 6, where I get more bars in system 5 and less bars in system 6. Therefore I need to lock these systems and locking the page is the easiest and fastest way to do this. And when I - as in my case - need to set a frame break on page 3, because I want to change the staff size, I don’t have a choice not use a break for this.
What is the point of having these great lock functions, when one can’t use them in many cases?

I agree that Dorico should maintain the value of the ‘Space size’ property when it has to replace a break as part of a lock or “make into” operation, and we’ll take care of this.

Thank you!