Problem with loop playback mode

1. Summary/Title
Auv3 crashes loop playback mode.

2. Description
I loaded 2 Auv3 instance of Korg Module Pro, in addition to 1 Auv3 instance of Basslicious 2. Then a problem appeared with loop playback mode.

3. Expected Results
Hearing only the looped parts of my midi and audio files.

4. Actual Results
During the playback, I heard a part of other audio files which did not belong to the loop. Then in the next round, the files played correctly. But in the next round, then I hear again the wrong part of the audio file, and so on. But the worst is that every 2 or 3 loops, I hear a very strong noise, like a boom, at a very high level.

5. Environment
Cubasis 3.2.1, iPad 7, iOS 14.3

Hi @jejefunkyman,

Are you able to provide me with a short clip, that shows the problem?
Please upload the file via Dropbox or similar, and share the link via PM.

Thank you,

Hi Lars, I will try to do it as soon as possible. Time is really tight at the moment :scream: