Problem with loop points in sample

I have created an instrument and several presets.
Now I have figured out that some of the samples, I really don’t know why, inside HALion have different and wrong loop points compared to the original sample ones.

In fact, if I manually reload the sample inside Halion the loop points are back as they should be…

Is there a way to force HALion to refresh all sample points reading them from the original samples or do I have to manually reload the samples in each preset in order to have the correct loop points?

Please tell me there is a workaround, I have hundreds of presets!

That’s the only way I know. You could try Replace samples or Change sample folder but still… one program at a time.

Another option could be to load several programs into program table and run a script that loops through all programs and zones. You can read the sample loops using

It would be great if Steinberg could take into consideration the option to add along with the possibility of a “Save Program” to have also a “Save Program as Snapshot” function.

The “Save Program” option is great if you develop a library with 1 or just a few presets, so in case you find out a problem you have only to modify 1 or a few programs one by one, but in case you have a library with hundreds of presets that is a total disaster for us developers and almost impossible to fix.

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