Problem with loops not stopping

I am using loops in Kontakt (in this case Heavyocity’s Scoring Guitars). The midi has one held note for 2 bars, which triggers a guitar phrase. I then duplicated the 2 bars into a 4 bar phrase, 2 x the 2 bar loop. In playback at the end of the 2 bar phrase, it does not seem to stop, and now I have 2 of the same loop playing on top of each other, with some phasing.

It works fine if I slightly shorten the length of the first note. When the 2 same notes come straight after each other with no break, it appears like there is no Midi Note Off for the first note, and it continues playing …?

Trying to find the cause and work out a fix.

Have you tried with a loop from a different library? (my first guess is that it is the Kontakt preset itself)

I did a bit of testing. Other libraries/soft synth arps etc are working OK.

Within this one library itself, its only certain sounds that have the issue - some others don’t (if you have Scoring Guitars, its the Pulse menues that are giving me issues).

I don’t have that library, unfortunately. Are the involved Kontakt presets heavily scripted? (if so, it is very difficult for us humble users to troubleshoot/correct a problematic preset).

Yes, I guess I was wondering if it could be a Cubase thing. I will contact the developers in case there is a solution there.
Thanks for the input.