Problem with Lyrics scrolling when transitioning to a new Part of a Song

Hi team,

when using VL during band rehearsals, I am experiencing unpleasant behavior related to the Lyrics functionality.

Let me start by saying that I use the floating and maximized Lyrics window opened in a secondary screen and I noticed that if I currently have VL showing the Mixer on the main screen (but this also happens more or less evidently with other features selected in the application), the transition to a new Part of the Song during playback causes a perceptible freeze on the secondary screen, making the flow of the lyrics not as fluid as during the performance of the single part.

I obviously also tried to replicate the problem on my home PC and the problem actually recurred.

I also noticed that the problem disappears if the application has Lyrics as the currently selected feature.

Is this behavior already known to you?

Are you saying it does not appear when the Lyrics view is selected in VST Live? That should give us a valuable hint, thanks. Will check!

Hi @musicullum,

yes, exactly: I confirm that if the Lyrics functionality is currently selected in the VL application (and only in this case) then the temporary freeze does not appear in the floating window opened on the secondary screen.

ok thanks, will check.

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Hi @musicullum ,

have you had the opportunity to check and verify this rather unpleasant issue? :blush:

We are on it. It is more difficult than one might expect.

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Thanks @musicullum for the update!

I understand the difficulty and effort required by the issue, an issue which, as you can imagine, becomes more and more unmanageable as the Songs contain more Parts.

I await the solution with confidence, thank you as always. :slight_smile: